Underground believes Comet Ison is Nibiru

Comet a famed planet of the Anunnaki

For years the “intelligence underground” has believed there is a conspiracy to hide the truth about the Anunnaki, Planet X/Nibiru, and a cosmic 24,000 or so year cycle of doom and destruction.

The story goes something like this:

  • The sun is in a binary relationship with another star, or brown dwarf. This theory has some legs since there are more binary stars in the universe than there are not andit explains the procession of the equinox. Walter Cruttendon has done some amazing research on this.
  • This sister star is, along with its planets, in an elliptical orbit around our sun (technically, both are spinning in huge ellipses around a center point… the center of both star’s gravity).
  • A planet in our binary star’s solar system is called Nibiru, and there are aliens on this planet named Anunnaki.
  • The Anunnaki came to earth to mine gold.
  • The Anunnaki needed a slave labor force to mine the gold, so genetically modified Neanderthals with their own DNA to create modern day human.
  • The Anunnaki left to back to Nibiru, but will come back again.

Sound fascinating? To many, this is old news.

What’s new is the “proof” that CourageousNerdz on YouTube presents. Take a look for yourself, and read more here.

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