What is killing all of the dolphins?

More than 230 dolphin deaths

In another disturbing trend we’re monitoring (see India UFO spotting trending), it seems that Dolphins are dying at an alarming rate along the US Eastern Seaboard.

We’ll update this page, but for now here are some good articles:

What’s Killing the Dolphins? – WSJ.com

online.wsj.com/…/SB1000142412788732342060457865212148840364…‎Aug 6, 2013 – Dolphins are washing up dead along the East Coast this summer, perplexing scientists who fear a recurrence of a large-scale die-off several 

Dolphins dying by the dozens along East Coast – CNN.com

www.cnn.com/2013/08/20/us/dolphins-dying 4 days ago – (CNN) — What’s killing the East Coast dolphins? The carcasses of dozens of the marine mammals, seven times more than normal, have been 

Hundreds of dolphins may die on East Coast before killer is 

www.nbcnews.com/…/hundreds-dolphins-may-die-east-coast-kil‎ by Nidhi Subbaraman – in 4,047 Google+ circles 6 days ago – Wild bottlenose dolphins play off the bow of a sportfishing boat Friday, Aug.  It’s still too early to say if the virus killed that animal, much less the 
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